Journal Articles


Sharan Grewal, Amaney Jamal, Tarek Masoud, and Elizabeth Nugent. “Poverty and Divine Rewards: The Electoral Advantage of Islamist Political Parties.American Journal of Political Science. Early View.

Sharan Grewal and Steve Monroe. “Down and Out: Founding Elections and Disillusionment with Democracy in Egypt and Tunisia.Comparative Politics 51:4 (2019), 497-539.

Sharan Grewal. “Military Defection During Localized Protests: The Case of Tataouine.” International Studies Quarterly 63:2 (2019), 259-269. Appendix.

Sharan Grewal and Yasser Kureshi. “How to Sell a Coup: Elections as Coup Legitimation.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 63:4 (2019), 1001-1031. Replication Data.

Sharan Grewal and Erik Voeten. “Are New Democracies Better Human Rights Compliers?International Organization 69:2 (2015), 497-518. Replication Data.

Revise & Resubmit

Sharan Grewal. “From Islamists to Muslim Democrats: The Case of Tunisia’s Ennahda.” American Political Science Review.

Sharan Grewal. “Tunisia’s Foiled Coup: The November 8th Group.” Middle East Journal.

Sharan Grewal. “Who Wants a Coup? A List Experiment in Turkey.”

Sharan Grewal and Matthew Cebul. “Religion and Compromise: Experimental Evidence From Tunisia.”

Scott Williamson, A.Kadir Yildirim, Sharan Grewal, Courtney Freer, Mirjam Kuenkler, and Yusuf Sarfati. “Preaching Politics: How Political Contestation Affects Religious Authority in the Middle East.”

Under Review

Sharan Grewal.  “Shoot or Shirk? Examining Military Defection through a Survey of Middle Eastern Militaries."

Sharan Grewal. "Socializing Civil-Military Relations: the Differential Effects of American and French Training of Tunisian Military Officers."

Robert Kubinec and Sharan Grewal. “When National Unity Governments are neither National, United, nor Governments: The Case of Tunisia.”

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